Author: Olivia Pich

Hey Range Listeners! This year’s TMR has so many amazing acts this year and we almost can’t believe it! So each week before TMR23, we’re going to be giving you guys the scoop on the amazing artists we have lined up for you! This week’s TMR23 Spotlight is on Vincent Neil Emerson! And don’t forget […]

Hey Range Listeners! Each week leading up to TMR23, we’re going to be highlighting some of the amazing acts we have for you at this year’s Texas Music Revolution and Rodeo! This week we’re starting off with Max Stalling! And don’t forget to pick up your tickets if you haven’t already! Tickets are limited and […]

Hey Range Listeners! Each week we’re featuring one of the many of great acts that will be performing at this years’ TMRR! This week we’re featuring Zane Williams! “Bringin’ Country Back” is more than a catchphrase for Zane Williams. It is a rallying cry for a return to authenticity and substance in mainstream country music, […]

Hey, Range Listeners! We’re so excited for all the artists we have to showcase at this years’ Texas Music Revolution! To get you guys ready for the wild ride that is TMR23, each week we’re going to be giving you the scoop on our featured artists. This week, the spotlight’s on Junior Brown, a real […]

The bidding for Canvas4Kids ends in JUST A FEW DAYS! Bid in the auction to win paintings done by some of you most favorite artists! Matt, Hillyer, Kiefer Sutherland, and more! Win priceless art pieces and help a local charity at the same time! To bid go to:


November 13, 2018

Hey Range Listeners! With Canvas4Kids you can bid to win paintings done by some of your favorite artists and also help support a local charity! Every few days we’ll be showcasing one of the paintings you can bid on! This painting is by Casey Donahew!


October 21, 2018

Hey Range listeners! We’re gearing up for Halloween and so we decided to ask some of your favorite DJ’s if they’ve ever had experiences with anything supernatural! Have they ever seen a ghost? Here’s what they had to say: Chuck Taylor: I haven’t seen ghosts but I’ve been in the presence of ghosts, let’t put […]

Hey Range listeners! We’re proud to announce our latest project will be giving back and helping children and adults with disabilities. We’ve partnered with a local charity called Powered to Move and put together a short video to explain what Powered to Move is all about. Along with some of your favorite artists, (We can’t […]

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