TMRR Artist Spotlight: Zane Williams!

Written by on February 15, 2019

Hey Range Listeners! Each week we’re featuring one of the many of great acts that will be performing at this years’ TMRR! This week we’re featuring Zane Williams!

“Bringin’ Country Back” is more than a catchphrase for Zane Williams. It is a rallying cry for a return to authenticity and substance in mainstream country music, and a fitting title for his sixth studio album. “I think of country music as poetry for the common man,” he says reflectively. “The stories that draw you in, the simple truth stated in a way you wish you could’ve said…there’s an honesty to country music that totally grabbed me the first time I heard it.”

Don’t forget to get your tickets to TMRR if you haven’t already. Tickets are limited and on sale now!

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