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Written by on October 21, 2018

Hey Range listeners! We’re gearing up for Halloween and so we decided to ask some of your favorite DJ’s if they’ve ever had experiences with anything supernatural! Have they ever seen a ghost? Here’s what they had to say:

Chuck Taylor: I haven’t seen ghosts but I’ve been in the presence of ghosts, let’t put it that way. 

One of the radio stations I’ve worked at, I was on the air, on a seven to midnight shift. It was late at night, I had the microphone open, there was no one in the building but me. While the mic was on, I’m talking and something slams the wall.

(Chuck hits the wall really hard with his hand fora  good dramatic effect.)

Chuck TaylorAnother time in that same radio station, I had gone into the newsroom which was behind the studio. Now the newsroom did not have a lock on the handle of the door, just a doorknob that you would turn to go in and out of the door. Well, the guy on before me had left, waved at me as he walked away and then I had went to open the door and the handle just wouldn’t turn at all. 

It just wouldn’t turn. I finally went to call him and as soon as I called him, the handle turned and the door just opened. 

…On it’s own.


Allan Peck: The answer is No, I have never seen a ghost, but I’ve heard about them; I’ve talked to a lot of people that claim they have seen them. Well, I like the haunted house at the state fair! That’s fun! 

That’s all for now, Range Listeners! Let us know if you’ve ever seen a ghost and what your upcoming plans are for Halloween! And be sure to tune in this week on 95.3 The Range!

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