SRS Artist Terms

May 26th, 2014



Dear Artist(s),

Thank you for expressing interest in Shiner Records.  This letter will give you a quick overview of Shiner Records and the terms that Shiner Records artists must agree to.

Basically, Shiner Records, at any time, consists of two to three separate companies (including promotional partner Shiner Bock.)


These companies will provide the following for Shiner Records artists:


Up to $10,000 to record a CD with noted record producer (we’ve used Dan Baird, Gurf Morlix, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Lloyd Maines, & Jonathan Tyler in the past) at an appropriate studio in Austin or Nashville.

-All manufacturing costs.

-Professional PR

-Professional Artwork



The following is the theoretical framework that is outlined in detail in the final Shiner Records contract:


Assuming a CD sells for $15, $8 of that goes directly toward distribution.  That leaves another $7.  Out of that $7, $1 will go toward manufacturing costs.  Another $1 will go toward publishing royalties.


That leaves $5 to be divided between Shiner Records and the Artist.  The label will receive $3 and the Artist will receive $2.  (In most new label deals- artists’ receive less than $1.40 per unit.)


The only other caveat is that while we will have a great producer, I am the Executive Producer of the project and will have final “say so” on any major decisions.  Don’t let that sway you – I want to make you famous.


Artists can also purchase CD’s to sell at shows directly from label for $6/each. Label keeps $6 and Artist keeps profit.


These terms are subject to change.





With Regards I Am,



Joshua Jones



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