Mean Green Basketball Schedule 2023-24

Written by on October 30, 2023

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Nov 7 (Tue)    7 PM CT       Home      Northern Iowa                  Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Nov 11 (Sat)   7 PM CT       Home      Omaha                          Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Nov 16 (Thu)   12:30 PM CT   Neutral   St. John's                     Charleston, SC                                        

Nov 17 (Fri)   TBD           Neutral   TBD                            Charleston, SC                                        

Nov 19 (Sun)   TBD           Neutral   TBD                            Charleston, SC                                        

Nov 26 (Sun)   1 PM CT       Home      Angelo State                   Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Dec 2 (Sat)    5 PM CT       Home      Mississippi Valley State       Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Dec 5 (Tue)    TBD           Away      Boise State                    Boise, ID                                             

Dec 10 (Sun)   10:30 AM CT   Neutral   Fordham                        Brooklyn, NY (Barclays Center)                        

Dec 17 (Sun)   3 PM CT       Neutral   Mississippi State              Tupelo, MS (Cadence Bank Arena)                       

Dec 23 (Sat)   1 PM CT       Home      UT Arlington                   Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Dec 30 (Sat)   1 PM CT       Home      LSU Shreveport                 Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Jan 4 (Thu)    8 PM CT       Away      Wichita State                  Wichita, KS                                           

Jan 6 (Sat)    1 PM CT       Home      Tulane                         Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Jan 13 (Sat)   5 PM CT       Home      Temple                         Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Jan 17 (Wed)   6 PM CT       Away      East Carolina                  Greenville, NC                                        

Jan 20 (Sat)   3 PM CT       Away      Charlotte                      Charlotte, NC                                         

Jan 25 (Thu)   6 PM CT       Home      SMU                            Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Jan 28 (Sun)   Noon CT       Away      Florida Atlantic               Boca Raton, FL                                        

Jan 31 (Wed)   8 PM CT       Home      UAB                            Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Feb 3 (Sat)    5 PM CT       Home      South Florida                  Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Feb 7 (Wed)    7 PM CT       Away      Tulsa                          Tulsa, OK                                             

Feb 11 (Sun)   1 PM CT       Away      SMU                            Dallas, TX                                            

Feb 15 (Thu)   7 PM CT       Home      Memphis                        Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Feb 18 (Sun)   2 PM CT       Away      UAB                            Birmingham, AL                                        

Feb 24 (Sat)   3 PM CT       Home      UTSA                           Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Feb 28 (Wed)   6 PM CT       Away      Tulane                         New Orleans, LA                                       

Mar 3 (Sun)    2 PM CT       Home      East Carolina                  Denton (The Super Pit)                                

Mar 6 (Wed)    7 PM CT       Home      Florida Atlantic               TBD (The Super Pit)                                   

Mar 9 (Sat)    7 PM CT       Away      Rice                           Houston, TX                                           

Mar 13 (Wed)   TBD           Neutral   American Athletic Conference   Fort Worth, TX

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