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TTMR Highlight: Saturday 2nd Stage

26 January 2017 Concert events KHYI On-Air photo


Day Two of Toyota Texas Music Revolution 21 is Saturday March 25th, and let me tell you is a day of Badass Music!  Much like Brett, I was given complete control over one of the stages, so I wanted to put together some of the bands that I really enjoy that I think you might like too! I like to call it Chuck Taylor’s Buzzworthy All Star Stage! We start off with George Dunham and the Bird Dogs…from one radio guy to another, his band has got that certain kind of spark that you just can’t put your finger on but you know it’s there. Next is The Buffalo Ruckus. These guys won our Shiner Rising Star competition and haven’t looked back since! Their latest album Peace & Cornbread was one of my Top 5 albums of 2016!  Red Shahan…This guy WOW! His album Men & Coyotes  won me over on the very first listen (and trust me I listen to a lot of albums) Then I got to have him perform acoustic for me in Nashvegas at the Americana Conference…I knew then that we had to have him play TTMR! The Vandoliers…what can I say about these guys that hasn’t been said by so many? They are a Dallas band to watch out for! If you’ve never seen a Vandoliers show you do not want to miss them at TTMR21! My wife and daughter were with me the first time I heard them at Smoked Dallas back in 2015 and we all loved them! (That’s saying a lot because my wife is not a fan of OKOM she’s more into Muse and Paramore) Finally we wrap up my stage with my buddy Paul Cauthen! Paul you may remember from Sons of Fathers.  First time I met Paul, he came over to my house to do an interview for Texas Countdown and he insisted that we had to do shots before we started the interview. His first solo album My Gospel, is unlike anything I’ve ever heard in all my years of radio.  He has taken differnt styles of music and created something new. It’s Marty Robbins-meets-Elvis-meets-Bono! This stage is going to melt your face off!

-Chuck Taylor

All Star Mornings

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