TMR23 Spotlight – Junior Brown

Written by on January 15, 2019

Hey, Range Listeners! We’re so excited for all the artists we have to showcase at this years’ Texas Music Revolution! To get you guys ready for the wild ride that is TMR23, each week we’re going to be giving you the scoop on our featured artists. This week, the spotlight’s on Junior Brown, a real American Original!

Known for his unique voice and double necked “Guilt-Steel” guitar, you may already be familiar with some of his work if you’re a fan of bluegrass or the hit show, “Better Call Saul”! He’s had several Grammy nods and had collaborations with Ralph Stanley, the Beach Boys, George Jones, Ray Price, and Leona Williams.

Junior Brown’s talent shines in his unique performances and songwriting. In order to take his performances to the next level, he helped invent a double necked guitar, the “Guilt- Steel” which combines standard guitar and steel guitar.

“Seeing Junior live is a definite must, so GUIT WITH IT ’cause he’s AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL!”

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