This week with Chuck Taylor!

Written by on September 23, 2018

Hey Range Listeners! We’re here to give you the inside scoop on some artists and albums that we’re excited about.

This week we sat down with Chuck Taylor to talk about his recent trip to Nashville; the live performances, his favorite interview guests, and more!


O: So what was a highlight of your recent trip to Nashville?


Chuck Taylor: Well I had several artists on my show, got to have John Hiatt… which was probably the highlight of my trip, getting to have a legendary artist like John Hiatt on my show.


O: What were some of your favorite new bands that you got to see?


CT: I got to see a lot of new bands but one of the ones that I was really impressed by is a group called Red Wanting Blue.


(We then watched a video of one of their performances and they sounded awesome!)


CT: Anyway Will Hoge is a great producer and he produced them and they sound great.


O: What about old bands that impressed you?


CT: As far as old bands, Jesse Dayton put on a hell of a show. So I would say that was probably one of the better shows that I saw. I saw Lee Roy Parnell put on a killer show Friday night as well.


O: What new albums are you excited about?


CT: The new album that I’m looking forward to is the new album from Chuck Mead, formally from BR5-49. That ones gonna be coming out in the… near future let’s put it at that.


That’s it for now! Let us know if there are any questions you want asked and be sure to tune in this week on 95.3 The Range!

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