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The Wednesday Word: Allan Peck

23 July 2014 KHYI

Patsy Cline-

You probably know of the great popularity of Patsy Cline, now, even decades after her passing, but maybe you didn’t know of how she came to such fame.  That came about when she as featured on a talent competition on the radio in the 1940’s, a competition that later became the model for The Voice, America’s Got Talent, and several more on television.  Patsy’s song, her favorite, was “A Poor Man’s Roses.”  When Decca Records, later MCA, then Universal, was determining what song would be used to promote her very 1st outing, many meetings were held in New York and Nashville.  At each meeting Patsy would ask that her favorite song be the release.  Time after time she asked and time after time the suits would say we are looking at options.  Finally, after weeks of back and forth, Patsy was convinced to record a different new song, against her better judgement, however she did it.  A few years later, she was asked what her favorite was and she still insisted it was “Roses,”  however, she did admit the new one was the one that put her at the front in country music popularity, and for that she was forever thankful.  Oh yes, that new one was “Walking After Midnight.”

-Allan Peck