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Updated Great KHYI Murder Mystery Suspect List!

25 October 2012 KHYI

The suspect list for The Great KHYI Murder Mystery has three less on it. Use this list to determine who is the culprit using the clues you receive through the radio. The clues broadcasted so far are right here!

1. The malicious murderer is as tall as an oak – not as short as a grasshopper. Detectives are looking for someone about with a tall menacing build.

2. The evil doer is neither long in the tooth nor a spring chick. There’s no gray hair on this cunning killer’s nicely coiffed head.

3. The victim was found in the conference room lying in a pool of blood. Further investigation has revealed that there was a pair of Stoney LaRue tickets left at the scene. Due to the nature of this heinous crime, KHYI is offering these tickets in addition to the $50 gift card and an autographed CD to anyone with any extra information. This marauder must be stopped!