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Cooler ‘n Hell Fest DJ Competition!

15 July 2013 events KHYI

The Range DJ’s are competing for your votes! Each DJ has a unique promo code you can use when purchasing your Cooler ‘n Hell Fest tickets. Using the promo code gets you a cool $10 off on your tickets! The DJ with the most promo codes used walks away with a bonus! Get your tickets at a great price and reward your favorite DJ!

Allan Peck’s promo code is peck!
Brett Dillon’s promo code is brett!
Chuck Taylor’s promo code is chuck!
Big Gus’s promo code is gus!

Don’t forget Cooler ‘n Hell is going to be the coolest concert of the summer with Ray Wylie Hubbard, Cory Morrow, Zane Williams, William Clark Green, and more! The last day to get discounted tickets with a promo code is Friday at 5pm!

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