Canvas 4 Kids Profile: Sons of the Flag

Written by on December 1, 2015

Our chosen charity for this year’s Canvas 4 Kids auction is Sons of the Flag and in particular, the Water Brigade which works with pediatric burn survivors.  We invite you to learn more about them at and to learn more about the Water Brigade by watching this short video.


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Mission: The Resource for Burn Survivors.

  • Who we are:Sons of the Flag is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting military, first responder, and civilian burn survivors by providing funding for innovative research. We bring together passionate community leaders, pioneering physicians, experienced military service members, dedicated first responders and purposeful civilians to complete our mission.
  • Commitment:Sons of the Flag pledges to seek out and support physicians across the nation to perform advanced clinical trials aimed at improving methods in burn surgery.
  • Vision:The ultimate goal of Sons of the Flag is to accelerate the process of testing leading technologies and pushing them into circulation for immediate use. This will aid the recovery and lives of burn survivors across the nation.

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