Buffalo Ruckus at Shiner Rising Star

Written by on August 5, 2013

Buffalo Ruckus is Jason Lovell, Brad Haefner, Michael Burgess, and Christian Dorn. This Denton based band was formed earlier this year and is currently running on Black Creek Records. In Buffalo Ruckus’ own words:

The Buffalo Ruckus is a compendium of roots, Americana, southern soul, psychedelic post-modern avante garde experimental country rock. Spun from the timbers of heart and soul, the Ruckus took its first musical breath in the early days of 2013. The group is currently writing, recording, performing and aims to capture its honest soulful sound on a full length album in the near future.

They’ll be playing and competing Thursday night, 8-10pm, at Dodie’s Frisco along with Mat Nix and Fishing with Dynamite! Come cheer for your favorite!

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