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Artist Spotlight: Tejas Brothers

7 March 2017 Concert KHYI On-Air photo

29 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Tejas Brothers

1) The band has a menu item at Love and War in Texas named after them: Tejas Brothers Platter.
2) The Tejas Brothers once had to cancel a New Year’s Eve show due to appendicitis
3) The first Tejas Brothers show was at the Stockyard Saloon in Ft. Worth, TX.
4) Dave’s favorite actors are Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Robert De Niro.
5) Dave’s favorite TV show is the American version of The Office.
6) Dave’s favorite movie is Full Metal Jacket.
7) Dave’s favorite singer of all time is Ray Charles.
8) Dave loves math.
9) Dave was a mariachi on The Barney Show.
10) Dave’s favorite sport is boxing.
11) Dave met his wife at a grocery store
12) Dave Perez was a firefighter in the Marine Corps
13) Dave Perez has a long-haired miniature dachshund named after reggae artist, Bankie Banx.
14) Dave Perez worked for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department before forming the Tejas Brothers.
15) Tejas Brothers is the 1st band John has been in that had an accordion player.
16) The band that John has been a member of the longest for is the Tejas Brothers.
17) John coined the phrase “Tex-Mex Honky Tonk” to describe the band.
18) John has two dogs, three cats and a bird.
19) John’s favorite sport is Moto GP.
20) James is a leathermaker and has made guitar straps for a Eric Church, Elvis Costello, Rascal Flats and many others.
21) James is a big baseball fan. GO RANGERS!
22) James has three brothers.
23) James has been a full time musician since he was 18.
24) James has read a bunch of books about the human brain.
25) Tim has 2 Music Degrees
26) Tim has been married since 1999 to his high school sweetheart.
27) Tim waived the American Flag while walking 2 miles in a parade through Pyongyang, North Korea.
28) Tim has performed at 11 NASCAR tracks.
29) The last hamburger Tim ate was at Disneyland in July, 1989.