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Artist Spotlight: Austin Allsup

14 March 2017 KHYI

Here are some facts about Toyota Texas Music Revolution featured artist Austin Allsup that you might not know:

  1. He was born on January 24th, 1984
  2. He is 6’4” tall
  3. The best place he ever traveled to was Dublin, Ireland where he did at Texas Music takeover
  4. If he wasn’t playing music he would probably be an architect
  5. He was born in Fort Worth, Tx
  6. He went to SouthPlains College for music
  7. He has been married to Chelsea Allsup for 8 years
  8. He and Chelsea have two kids together, Allie and Jagger
  9. His favorite food is sushi hands down
  10. He didn’t meet his Dad until he was 14 and had no idea he was a famous musician before meeting him
  11. He made it to the Top 10 on NBC’s Season 11 of The Voice
  12. His favorite guitar is the Fender Telecaster