2014 SRS Band Bio: Matt Begley & Bitter Whiskey

Written by on August 27, 2014

Competing Week 4, August 28th
Love & War in Texas, Grapevine

Band: Matt Begley & Bitter Whiskey

Band Members:
Matt Begley : Acoustic guitar / Voc
Michael Reeh : Lead Guitar
Nick Dooley : Bass / Voc
Paul Rogers : Drums

Band Bio:
The best person that knows Matt Begley and Bitter Whiskey is me, Matt Begley. I love country music. It is a little scary now a days saying, I love country music but I do. I always say it’s like being a Cowboys fan. There are the up years and the down years, you just have to ride it out. I saw Garth at Texas Stadium in ’93 and knew what I wanted to do. Merle Haggard hung the moon for me and has influenced a lot of the guys in the band. The best thing about Haggard is that he is a band guy and a songwriter that also just went and played music to people. Bitter Whiskey is a working band that has gone all over to play music since 2007. I am from Tyler, Mike the guitar man is from Leander. Paul, “the big guy” on the drums, is from New Braunfels and Nick Dooley is the ole boy on the bass from the big town of Lampasas. Wanting to go see the country and country music is what brought us together. Walkin’, is the album we have out and if you want to know more about us hit up all of Bitter Whiskey’s social media outlets, or talk to us at a show near you.

Come check out Matt Begley & Bitter Whiskey TOMORROW night in Round 1, Week 4 of the 2014 Shiner Rising Star Competition! This week is at Love & War in Texas (Grapevine), 8-10pm.

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