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2014 SRS Band Bio: Lager and the Fatties

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2014 SRS Band Bio: Lager and the Fatties

5 August 2014 KHYI

Competing: Week 1, August 7th
Love and War in Texas (Plano)

Band Name: Lager and the Fatties

Band Members:
Ryan J Edwards: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Cody “C.M.” Myers: Lead Guitar
Kyle O’neal: Bass, Guitar & Backup Drums
Taylor Fontenot: Drums
Kyle “Keys” Davis: Keyboard

Band Bio:
Since starting up in 2006 in Lubbock, Tx, Lager & the Fatties began as a simple cover-band at some seedy college bars.  If they weren’t playing 20-minute country/blues jams, they were covering the likes of  Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, BB King, Robert Earl, Blues Brothers, etc.   Soon, they had a solid following and were playing 4-5 hour sets along the Broadway Strip and “The Depot” area in downtown.  Fueled by Makers, Jager & smokes, they were known around Lubbock as one heck of a good time.  Traveling around Texas for a couple summers, they soon were writing their own music and realized that they had a unique sound of classic country with a bluesy feel.  It was time to get the guys back together in 2014 and see if the engine was still hot.  Turns out, they’re ready to roll!

Come check out Lager and the Fatties THIS Thursday in Round 1, Week 1 of the 2014 Shiner Rising Star Competition! This week is at Love and War in Texas (Plano), 8-10pm.